Best Ideas For Workplace Design for Better Productivity and High Spirits

If your office has got windows, making your team sit near them so that they can have a view of the outdoors can be a quick fix to happier and more productive employees

An office is a place where employees spend a majority of their quality time. Hence it’s very necessary to have a sober yet interesting ambience so that they feel motivated and happy.
Below is a list of some design elements for office that can act as a catalyst for employee morale –

1. Furniture

Badly designed office furniture can hurt staff health leading to frequent or prolonged workplace absence, impacting productivity. Neck strain, back torment and leg torment are the most common posture-related complaints among workers these days.
Providing an adjustable element so that workers can alter their workspaces to address their issues and utilize adaptable furniture to make distinctive space types for impromptu meetings, workshops or solo work, will go a long way in easing routine functioning.
To ensure your employees don’t endure these torments, begin with ergonomic seats and separately organized workplaces, changed in accordance with the proportions of the person’s body.
Boring and blandly designed furniture makes individuals lazy and leads to vastly reduced enthusiasm. Add colourful and vibrant furniture to alleviate stress and elevate enthusiasm and productivity.

2. Think green:

Green is considered to be the best colour for office productivity. With its calming nature, it helps employees stay balanced and improve focusing skills. Nonetheless, in a few settings, different colours might be significantly more compelling.
Blue is extraordinary for enhancing proficiency and, much the same as green, enables individuals to centre.

Choose yellow when decorating the office for creative workers, especially millennials. It invigorates innovativeness. Red can be chosen for a vocation that requires physical movement since it’s exceptional and can expand pulse.

3. Your Desk, Your Rules:

Whatever the office plan, it’s important to give employees the autonomy to use and decorate their workspace, however, best suits their task. This gives them the feeling of homeliness & helps them they stay connected.

4. Add a Ping-Pong Table:

Great companies possess the drive to beat competitors and help clients win. Inculcating a culture of healthy rivalry is an incredible way to help workers stay charged and ambitious. Installing two Ping-Pong tables and running monthly competitions with an assortment of prizes can help achieve this goal.

5. Use walls to inspire employees:

If workers come to the office with a frown on their face, the environment can quickly dampen. Therefore, to keep everyone’s spirits high, the company walls are usually covered with colourful and inspiring quotes or images. Dry-erasable walls are great for relaxation and blowing off some steam. All it takes for workers is to grab a marker and start doodling. Or play a quick game of tic tac toe to pass the time and similar ideas that would help your workers recharge their drained energies batteries and dive right back into action.

6. View:

Employees are up to 16per cent more productive when they have an outdoor view. While any outdoor view is better than no view at all, employees prefer landscaped areas and other natural scenes like hills, ponds, and waterways. So, if your office has got windows, making your team sit near them so that they can have a view of the outdoors can be a quick fix to happier and more productive employees.
As the saying goes, ‘ Happy employees are more imaginative, creative and devoted than their unhappy counterparts. Furthermore, they’re bound to stick around long haul. ‘

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